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Food Healing Wonders

Eating the right food is the best way to live a healthy lifestyle. And one of the most effective source of healthy diet is eating raw food. As the definition suggests, raw food consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, seed, nuts, dried fruit, and seaweeds.

According to scientists and nutritionists, there are substances called enzymes which are present in plants where raw foods come from. These enzymes serve as catalysts that speed up the conversion of food in our system. Without these catalysts, the conversion may take long or may not take place at all depriving the body of the needed nutrients.

Starting June 5 (a Saturday), and the succeeding Saturdays thereafter, a series of seminars will be conducted on raw food preparation at the newly opened Rawvolution Restaurant and the Natural Health Institute of the Philippines (Training Center), located long Kamuning Road (#113 Dona Julita Blg., fronting Kamuning barangay hall, tel. nos. 355-0619/546-4181).

Rawvolution Restaurant and the Natural Health Institute of the Philippines (Training Center) was established by celebrity and lifestyle raw food chef and health coach Cheloy Ignacio. Trained at the Alyssa Cohen School of Raw Food (in Boston, Massachusettes), she is the only Filipina certified as a raw food chef in the country today.

To help understand the importance of raw food in our body, Cheloy will conduct a special seminar called “Let Your Food be Your Medicine” together with Dr. Sam Dizon, a physician and life style director on natural medicine, and founder of the Institute for Natural Healing (with branches located at Olongapo City, Bataan and Pasig City). It will be on June 6, 2010 (Sunday), to be held at the Rawvolution Restaurant.

Cheloy will talk on raw food preparation while Dr. Sam will tackle on rejuvenation, longevity, weight management, men virility, age reversal and disease and prevention. It will start 10 in the morning. You are requested to come in an empty
stomach. Breakfast and lunch will be served with a registration fee of P1,000.00 only. For registration please call Rawvolution Restaurant.

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