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Cooking Class for Family & Children

Package 4

Love Your Liver and Live Longer
A one day course
FEE: PhP 6,000.00

This package teaches the student in preparing his or her meal with considerations for the liver as a healthy concern. This is also informative on how one should select what is best for his or her health when dining out. Indeed, the taste buds are one factor that drives people to engage in food forgetting that certain preparations endanger the health of the liver when unchecked.

The cooking course is designed to know more about recipes, dips and sauces that give that most wanted taste and at the same time ensure that the liver is taken care of.

The discussions and preparations in this course include:

  1. 18 healthy recipes and more
  2. Healthy dips and pate’s
  3. Healthy sauces for pasta and rice
  4. Salad and salad dressings
  5. Main course and desserts

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