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Mission and Vision

  1. To provide the Filipino a healthy lifestyle through informative discussions and actual preparations of raw food.
  2. To provide the Filipino finished products at their convenience and chosen schedule.

Cheloy Ignacio

dsc_0218-copy.jpgCheloy Ignacio is a celebrity raw food chef. Today, she is the only raw food chef and teacher certified by the US-based and Hollywood-famous Alissa Cohen. Armed with her experience and interactions with world-class practitioners in the field, Cheloy regularly conducts lectures on how to live on live raw food. Since she knows a great deal about Philippine and Asian raw food, all her recipes are easy to create from locally sourced ingredients.

Cheloy’s Testimony

She was first introduced to the raw food diet through readings from international health and lifestyle magazines as well as actually meeting raw food diet practitioners in various social gatherings. Finally after being convinced of the diet’s effectiveness to improve one’s health, she went to the US to enroll in the class of Alissa Cohen.

After learning a lot from the course, group discussions, and most of all one-on-one interactions with Alissa Cohen herself, she passed all requirements to become an authority on the subject and a certified chef on raw food preparation.

Immediately after maintaining the diet for a few days, she was able to set aside her maintenance medication for hypertension and erratic sugar levels. Her energy level has been elevated this on top of attaining and maintaining her ideal weight.

All these benefits she experienced made her a firm believer and an advocate of the raw food diet. It is the best way to avoid and get rid of unnecessary ailments brought about by taking the wrong diet compared to surgery, herbal supplements or other medical procedures.

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